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Blue Heron Psychology is a private practice in Annapolis founded by Dr. Meghan Buckley, a licensed psychologist, to offer you discrete professional counseling that enhances your wellbeing while protecting your privacy, dignity, and autonomy. Dr. Buckley applies more than a decade of experience counseling adults, children, adolescents, and couples to help you cope with emotional pain, problematic behavior, relationship conflicts, and difficult life circumstances.  She uses cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology based on scientific evidence to provide you with an enjoyable counseling experience tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Your counseling may involve learning to reframe problems, acquiring new skills, and strengthening your relationships in an effort to improve your quality of life. Dr. Buckley does not prescribe medication and uses caution to avoid overdiagnosing clients. Counseling is offered fee-for-service only, and discounted multi-session packages are available.

Take control of your counseling

In addition to providing you with a high quality of counseling, Blue Heron Psychology exceeds the professional standards of private practice to safeguard your autonomy. You complete a free phone consultation with Dr. Buckley before your first meeting. When you meet, she partners with you to create a counseling plan that meets your needs and works with your schedule and budget. After you complete a successful counseling trial, you have the option of shorter or less frequent meetings to save money while benefiting from continued counseling. If you are a parent, you are encouraged to participate in all aspects of your child’s counseling. And you can end counseling at any time and still benefit from the knowledge and skills learned to that point. At Blue Heron Psychology, you control your counseling.

 Experience true confidentiality

At Blue Heron Psychology, you receive counseling with the highest level of confidentiality available within the law. Say goodbye to announcing yourself in front of a crowded waiting room. Dr. Buckley greets you at the door. Say goodbye to giving your insurance company unlimited access to your records. And say goodbye to having your records stored by a practice management company on leased servers that are accessible to any number of employees you have not met. Dr. Buckley personally maintains your records, and does not share your information with anyone without your explicit written consent as required by law. At Blue Heron Psychology, your counseling stays between you and your doctor.

Enjoy counseling without labeling

Dr. Buckley takes a holistic approach to counseling that respects your privacy, dignity, and autonomy. Your will be informed about the risks and benefits of a legal diagnosis prior to your first meeting. If you are open to receiving a diagnosis, Dr. Buckley will provide a careful evaluation and explain any diagnosis that is given. However, labeling is not automatic or required. Problems are a natural part of life, and counseling is a viable way to cope with them. At Blue Heron Psychology, you do not have to accept a diagnosis to better your life through counseling.

 Choose Pay as You Go or a Discounted Counseling Package

Blue Heron Psychology offers counseling fee-for-service only. Full payment is required prior to each session. Discounted multi-session packages and a variety of session lengths are available to allow you to customize your counseling plan. Payment is accepted by cash, check, credit card, or PayPal.

To protect your privacy, dignity, and autonomy, Dr. Buckley works for you, not your insurance company. Blue Heron Psychology does not accept payment from insurance companies, and is considered an Out-of-Network Provider. You are welcome to request a Superbill from Dr. Buckley if you plan to self-submit counseling receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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