Life is complicated. Find clarify through counseling.

Learn how to pursue your goals despite your problems by developing an antifragile mindset. Dr. Buckley applies more than a decade of experience practicing psychology to help you feel better and have better relationships. She specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology to teach you how to thrive despite having complex problems, emotional pain, and relationship conflicts. At Blue Heron Psychology, you benefit from an authentic and professional relationship with an experienced psychologist, as well as the opportunity to apply evidenced-based skills and knowledge to better your life. 

Dr. Buckley helps adults who feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or uncertain become mentally stronger and more capable of coping with adversities.

At Blue Heron Psychology, counseling is offered to address a wide range of concerns. Dr. Buckley specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, inattention, and obsessive thoughts. She also has a particular expertise helping clients manage difficult relationships, challenges at work, and major life transitions like the loss of a loved one, divorce, care-taking, and co-parenting that lead to feelings of anxiety, frustration, and guilt. To best address your concerns, Dr. Buckley works with you to develop a counseling plan that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. 

Dr. Buckley works for you to make counseling an enjoyable experience. Her style is interactive, accepting, and at times entertaining. Her approach to counseling is interactive, and encourages feedback. She promotes self-development and self-care by helping you clarify your goals, learn new concepts and skills, and when you are ready, apply them to better your life. 

Counseling is a straightforward process. 

You briefly speak with Dr. Buckley by phone to share your concerns, ask questions, and decide if she is the right psychologist for you before scheduling your first meeting. The first meeting is a full 60-minute hour. The full hour is necessary to ensure informed consent, learn your history, clarify your goals, and develop an action plan. Clients who approve of the action plan may schedule additional appointments based on their specific needs and preferences. 

An initial trial of 1 to 4 weekly sessions is typically recommended for clients who would benefit from counseling. Some clients benefit from only a few sessions, while others elect to complete a full course of 8 to 12 sessions to meet their goals. If you complete a full course and want additional counseling or occasional check-ins, you have the option of shorter and less frequent sessions. At Blue Heron Psychology, you can end counseling at any time, and take the skills and strategies learned with you. 

Blue Heron Psychology offers counseling with the highest confidentiality allowed by law, and without requiring you to be labeled.

At Blue Heron Psychology, you will receive discrete professional counseling without being mislabeled or overdiagnosed. As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Buckley offers you understanding and expertise while respecting your privacy, dignity, and autonomy. She personally stores your counseling record, and offers you a greater level of access to your record than is required by the law.

At Blue Heron Psychology, you will be informed about the benefits and risks of a legal diagnosis prior to consenting to counseling. If you are open to a diagnosis, Dr. Buckley typically recommends using standardized measures in addition to the first meeting to ensure an accurate diagnosis. In the case that a diagnosis is added to your counseling record, you will be informed, may object, and may decide with whom to share this information.

Safeguarding your wellbeing and privacy is paramount to successful counseling. For this reason, Blue Heron Psychology does not accept payment from insurance companies. Counseling is offered fee-for-service only. You do not have to sacrifice your privacy or accept a legal diagnosis to benefit from counseling. 


The first meeting is a flat fee of $225 for a full 60-minute hour.  Session rates range between $115 and $199 each, depending on their length and whether you purchase them as part of a discounted multi-session package. At Blue Heron Psychology, you save time and money by customizing a counseling action plan that works for you. 

Blue Heron Psychology is considered an Out-of-Network Provider. If you prefer to self-submit receipts for counseling to your insurance company for reimbursement, Dr. Buckley will be happy to provide you with the necessary Superbill. However, the fee must be paid in full prior to the start of each session or package, and Blue Heron Psychology cannot guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you for services rendered. For more information about rates please contact Dr. Buckley.